Choosing a Periodontist

Choosing a Periodontist

If you’re looking for a dentist and feel overwhelmed by the number of specialists there are, you’re not alone.  Being that the days of JUST going to a general dentist are over, it is important to know which dentist you should be seeing, (and maybe you’re lucky enough to have your general dentist be your specialist, too!) Here is a quick reference to know, when you specifically should be seeing a periodontist as your specialist.

If the symptoms you’re experiencing include your gums being sensitive, swollen and/or bleeding easily, you should immediately see your periodontist. All these symptoms are common indications of gum disease. Gum disease can be rectified, but it should be dealt with, at the earliest notice of a problem.

While it is normal as you grow older to have your gums begin receding, it is not normal for it to begin out of the blue. If your gums begin to recede all of a sudden and it is paired with discomfort, you may be suffering from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is one step past gum disease, or gingivitis. Your periodontist will be able to handle this and confirm your diagnosis.

And, lastly, if your teeth feel weak, all of a sudden, gum disease may be your culprit. At the stage of loose teeth, a periodontist needs to be seen as soon as possible. When your gums weaken and cause your teeth to become loose, you may be at risk of losing your teeth. There are fixes to lost teeth, but it is important to keep your oral health up to par from an early start.

These are just the beginning of symptoms that require a periodontist. It is a periodontists specialty to understand fully the structure of teeth, jawbone, and gingiva and other supporting soft tissues. A periodontist is the perfect person to go to if you are suffering with any gum tenderness. If you still aren’t sure, always see your general specialist when dealing with tooth pain. Your dentist will know what direction to point you in, if they themselves cannot help.

Schedule an appointment or seek out a consultation if you have any questions regarding your symptoms.

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