Expert Removal of Problem Teeth

Extracting Teeth When All Else Fails

Failing, broken or problematic teeth that can’t be saved through dental treatments can leave you experiencing tooth pain or lead to systemic health concerns. For these problematic teeth, Dr. Alfred Lopez offers gentle tooth extractions, followed by bone grafting or implant placement, to return our Albuquerque, NM patients to proper oral health. However, tooth extractions are only performed when necessary, and Dr. Lopez will do everything he can to save your natural teeth before resorting to removal. As a periodontist, Dr. Lopez has an in-depth understanding of the jaw, bones and teeth, ensuring you receive the most successful and precise care.

Reasons You May Require Tooth Extraction

A Specialist’s Understanding of the Teeth

If you experience constant tooth pain, have severe tooth decay, have a broken tooth or would like to replace your teeth with a full arch solution, you may need tooth extraction of one or more teeth. When we perform a tooth extraction, we will numb your mouth with local anesthetic and provide sedation if necessary so you experience a painless, anxiety-free procedure. Most patients tell us they simply feel a slight pressure at the tooth extraction location. Since Dr. Lopez is a trained and experienced periodontist, his understanding of the mouth and jaw surpasses many other dentists. This ensures that your tooth extraction is performed expertly, with minimal impact to surrounding oral structures, like bone, nerves and other teeth.


After tooth extraction, we often provide a bone graft to fill in the empty space where the roots once occupied. This allows your jaw to heal properly, retaining its shape and volume. Additionally, our expertise allows us to often remove teeth and place dental implants within the same day, cutting down on your appointments and allowing you to achieve a complete smile sooner.

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