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As dental procedures become more advanced, staying up-to-date with modern technology becomes equally important. Our periodontal specialty practice invests heavily in the latest technologies to ensure precise and successful treatment. Our technology allows patients to enjoy their dental visits with less discomfort and invasive procedures. We combine this technology with our periodontist’s advanced training and education, including 100 hours of continuing education courses attended yearly. This allows us to provide improved levels of care to those who need it most—even if your mouth seems hopeless, we can likely help you.

Why We Invest in Technology

Our Modern Technologies

The CBCT scanner allows us to capture highly detailed images of your mouth, teeth and surrounding structures. This scanner uses digital technology to take x-ray images that expose you to less radiation than typical dental scanners. The images we get are often clearer, allowing us to create precise treatment plans with virtually no room for error.

When you receive bone grafting care, Dr. Alfred Lopez will often protect your graft with a biocompatible mesh material. This mesh protects the graft material as it heals into proper form and to the appropriate volume. Without using guided bone regeneration techniques, gum tissue can interfere with the graft, preventing proper healing and delaying the results.

When placing dental implants, we use a unique implant guide to ensure accuracy and success. These implant guides are created from the images captured by the CBCT scanner and are customized to your jaw specifically. Guided implant surgery ensures that Dr. Lopez places all the implants in the proper position, angle and depth, virtually removing all guesswork involved.

This technology allows us to keep updated on your dental history and communicate with your general dentist or other specialists in a more effective manner. This is especially helpful during dental implant cases when we will need to work closely with a restorative dentist and your general dentist to finalize the treatment. Straumann Loop makes information more readily available and speeds up your overall treatment timeline.

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