Bone Loss Can Significantly Impact Oral Health

The Importance of Your Jaw Bone

Your jaw bone plays an important role in your oral health, jaw function and physical appearance. If you suffer from bone loss in the jaw, your teeth can become compromised as they no longer have the support they need to stay in place. Jaw bone deterioration can lead to a changing of your facial appearance, making you look older than you actually are. In addition to these visible changes to your health and appearance, bone loss can affect your jaw function too, leading to TMJ issues, problems chewing or even opening your mouth at all. When bone loss has occurred, it is important to rebuild what is lost, but this cannot happen naturally. Dr. Alfred Lopez offers effective bone grafting treatments that can help restore lost bone and improve your oral health and physical appearance once more.

Bone Graft

Causes of Jaw Bone Loss

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Why Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is an effective solution to bone loss and can be used to help those who have experienced mild to severe bone degeneration. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Lopez specializes in bone grafting procedures, including ridge augmentation and socket preservation to get your jaw back to proper health. Bone grafting involves taking a sample of bone material and converting it to granules that are easily placed at the location of bone loss. We use advanced guided tissue regeneration and plasma rich growth factor techniques to support the bone graft and ensure proper and quick healing.

Once your bone has been restored, you will be able to replace any missing teeth with dental implants or potentially save compromised loose teeth by giving them a firm foundation once again. Often, we will try to prevent the need for extensive bone grafting by placing dental implants in areas of your jaw that already have the most bone volume or by providing grafting immediately after tooth extraction to prevent significant bone loss. Once your jaw is restored and your teeth secured (or successfully replaced), you will be able to enjoy a more natural quality of life.

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