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Gum disease is a condition that many patients overlook because of how painless and mild the initial symptoms are. However, without timely treatment, the disease can worsen and permanently affect your smile and health. Once the beginning stage of gum disease, gingivitis, has progressed to the periodontitis or advanced periodontitis stages, patients will begin to experience permanent gum, bone and tooth damage. This damage can lead to tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Alfred Lopez offers effective solutions for all stages of gum disease care, including advanced osseous surgery for those with more advanced stages of the disease. Osseous surgery is a time-tested surgical therapy to cleanse the mouth of infection and get you back to a healthy oral state.

Symptoms of Advanced Gum Disease

How We Perform Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is an advanced treatment method for eliminating the bacteria and diseased gum tissue from the mouth caused by gum disease. This surgery also rebuilds the bone structures and smooths out the tooth roots to allow for proper gum reattachment. The process is time-tested and proven to be effective at restoring health and cleansing bacteria. Dr. Lopez will carefully retract your infected gums from your jaw and teeth and remove the infected tissue to leave only healthy gums behind. We will then remove any buildup of calculus or tartar from the bone and tooth roots. Deteriorated bone tissue will also be reshaped and may be restored with bone grafting. Once fully cleansed, Dr. Lopez will suture your healthy gums back around your teeth for a snug, protective fit. When performing osseous surgery, we utilize dental sedation to block sensations of discomfort and calm your anxiety. This allows you to receive the gum disease care you need in our Albuquerque, NM office without worry and puts you on the path towards optimal oral and overall health again!

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