Balance Your Smile Between Gums and Teeth

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Beautifully Frame Your Smile

Having a “gummy smile” is a condition where the gum tissue is overgrown or covers too much of the tooth structure. This can affect a smile aesthetically and cause health or functional concerns in the future. A “gummy smile” is often characterized by teeth that look short or small, showing excessive gum tissue when you smile, or having an uneven gum line. Dr. Alfred Lopez offers our Albuquerque, NM patients gentle crown lengthening treatments to reshape their gum tissue and create a more pleasing and healthier oral environment.

A Simple Procedure for Lifechanging Results

Crown lengthening treatments are often simple procedures that provide dramatic results. Dr. Lopez will gently remove the excessive gum tissue from around your teeth to create a balanced relationship between both the hard and soft tissues. This can be performed to enhance the appearance of your smile, provide access to areas of the mouth that are covered by gum tissue, and allow for easier cleaning of the teeth and gums. In some cases, those with a “gummy smile” might have too much gum tissue for a 

dentist to place a dental crown or to provide orthodontic care and crown lengthening procedures are necessary to allow for these treatments to be completed. When your gums are at a more balanced level, it is easier for you, and your dentist, to keep your mouth clean and bacteria-free as well. Our goal is to never cause you pain or anxiety, so Dr. Lopez and our team offer dental sedation during crown lengthening procedures to block sensations of discomfort and help you relax! After treatment, your teeth will be perfectly framed with attractive and healthy gums!

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