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The Problem with Dentures

While dentures are a common solution to restore a mouth with missing teeth, they often become loose, uncomfortable and unstable. If you are experiencing loose dentures, you are not alone. If your dentures keep coming loose while in your mouth, you are likely experiencing a change in your jaw shape due to bone deterioration. Without natural tooth root stimulation, your bone will begin to resorb from lack of use, and this loss is often enhanced by the denture wearing away at the ridge while you wear and chew with them. Bone loss will cause your dentures to feel loose or uneven, and can make normal activities troublesome or embarrassing. While you can have your dentures adjusted or replaced, this can be frustrating and expensive!

There is a more modern solution to loose denture problems through the placement of dental implants. With implants, we can secure a denture to your upper and/or lower jaw so that it does not require adhesives, pastes or suction. This stabilization of the denture also preserves jaw bone volume which gives you more long-term support that won’t need to be replaced. Depending on your needs, your implant supported dentures can be fixed.

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Dr. Lopez explains how implants can stabilize dentures

Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures offer so many advantages over traditional dentures:

Why Choose Dental Implants

When you choose implant supported dentures, our periodontist, Dr. Alfred Lopez, will place two to four implants into your jaw arches. These implants fuse with your jaw bone and will “snap” into a retrofitted denture. The denture will comfortably rest on these implants, not your gums, which prevents any pinching or chafing of the gums. The implants will act as tooth roots, stimulating the bone for continued strength and hold the denture securely in place. With this improved stability, you will no longer have to worry about your teeth falling out or slipping and can enjoy an improved diet as your bite strength will become significantly stronger. And for those looking to get away from dentures for good, Dr. Lopez can provide you with Straumann Pro Arch full arch dental implants that look, function and feel just like real teeth that you will never need to remove again!

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