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patient smiling after her implant supported dentures

A Solution for Problem Dentures

Around 90 percent of all those who suffer from complete tooth loss (edentulism), choose to replace their teeth with dentures. However, traditional removable dentures often cause problems for the wearer, including instability in the mouth, irritation to the gum tissues, or a bite that lacks the strength to eat all kinds of foods. Dr. Alfred Lopez offers an effective solution for denture wearers, or those who will soon need implant supported dentures, using dental implants. By attaching your implant supported dentures to a few dental implants, we can give you a significantly stronger, more stable and comfortable bite! Implant supported dentures are an excellent alternative to dentures when you are looking to replace your missing teeth in Albuquerque, NM and aren’t ready to commit to Pro Arch full arch dental implants yet.

How Implant Supported Dentures Work

Implant supported dentures are an easy transition for most people. Dr. Lopez simply places two to four implants into your jaw that integrate with the denture prosthesis through snaps or a bar. Your denture is firmly supported on these stable implants, giving you a more natural bite and returning your quality of life! As an added benefit, dental implants prevent jaw bone deterioration, meaning your facial appearance won’t change and you can say goodbye to denture realignments! Our patients love the many advantages they experience over traditional dentures, including:

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Dr. Lopez explains how implants can stabilize dentures

Albuquerque’s Genuine Periodontist

An experienced periodontist that has been practicing dentistry since 1988, Dr. Lopez enjoys building new relationships with our patients and giving them life-changing smiles. If you are tired of living with uncomfortable dentures or have a mouth with failing or missing teeth, then our practice can offer you precise, experienced surgical implant care to give you a more comfortable and stable smile. Dr. Lopez will perform every surgical step, from tooth extraction to bone grafting and implant placement, with expert results that only a skilled periodontist can offer. Once your implants are in place, your general dentist will help you fit a denture prosthesis over top of the implants to restore your smile.

Stop Living with Uncomfortable Dentures!

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