When Root Canals Fail

Re-Treatment for an Old Root Canal

Approximately over 15 million root canals are performed annually to remove infection from the inside of a tooth. If you are one of these 15 million people, there is a chance that your treated tooth can become infected again. If so, you may require a root canal re-treatment to cleanse the infection once again. However, in some cases of failed root canals, the infection progresses enough that the tooth is beyond saving and will need to be extracted. A failed root canal extraction is not uncommon and can happen years after your original root canal. If you are experiencing tooth pain in a tooth or area of the mouth you have previously received a root canal in, then you may need to speak to our periodontist in Albuquerque, NM, Dr. Alfred Lopez, about treatment for a failed root canal.

Common Symptoms of a Failed Root Canal

Failed Root Canal Treatment Options

When a root canal treated tooth becomes infected again, we may be able to remove the infection and provide a root canal re-treatment, but often the process may damage too much of the tooth or surrounding structure to be feasible for the long-term. A more long-term solution to a failed root canal is tooth extraction, bone grafting and replacement with a dental implant. Dr. Lopez can gently extract your infected tooth to remove the damaged root and crown as well as cleanse the socket of bacteria. This helps prevent further infection of surrounding teeth and bone. We will then perform socket preservation bone grafting to build up the jaw bone to proper volume and allow for future implant placement. Once the bone graft has healed, our periodontist can replace the missing tooth with a dental implant that mimics the function of a natural, healthy tooth root. Once the implant heals, your general dentist will restore it with a dental crown. Dental implants cannot become infected like a natural tooth, so you won’t have to worry about any further root canal re-treatments in this tooth.

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