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Gum Disease Can Affect More than Just Your Mouth

Gum disease is one of the most common diseases that most patients don’t even know they are affected by. Nearly 65 million Americans have some form of periodontal disease, which affects the mouth as well as causing potential systemic health concerns. The best way to keep gum disease away is to visit your dentist or periodontist for routine checkups and to practice proper at-home care. Once gum disease has taken hold in your mouth, a periodontist is able to cleanse the bacteria and get you back to a healthy oral state. However, without timely treatment, gum disease can worsen and progress to periodontitis, an incurable condition that can cause jaw bone loss and tooth loss among other concerns. In order to keep your mouth and body healthy, we offer time-tested gum disease care to eliminate bacteria and infection.

Systemic Conditions Tied to Oral Health

When gums become infected, that infection can travel through the body to the heart via your bloodstream. This inflammation can also damage the blood vessels that travel to the heart.

Inflamed gums can harden the arteries that travel to the brain. This can slow or block the blood flow, which causes a stroke.

Gum disease can make it difficult to keep your blood sugar controlled. This is especially dangerous for patients who may be diabetic or prone to diabetes.

Women with gum disease are at an increased risk of adverse pregnancy complications like low birth weight in babies and pre-term delivery.

Gum disease causes damage to the bone that supports the teeth. As this bone deteriorates, the likelihood of tooth loss increases.

Our Periodontist Can Save Your Mouth and Health

Our experienced periodontist, Dr. Alfred Lopez, has been offering oral healthcare for over 30 years in the Albuquerque, NM and surrounding area. His specialty training makes him adept at identifying and treating all forms of gum disease, whether it be mild gingivitis or advanced periodontitis. If you feel like your mouth may be at risk, or you notice symptoms of gum disease, schedule a checkup appointment with Dr. Lopez and our team as soon as possible. Timely treatment with effective methods like scaling and root planing or osseous surgery can help save your mouth and your body from harmful disease, not to mention help you keep all your teeth!

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