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The Importance of Your Jaw Bone

When replacing missing teeth with dental implants, one of the key determining factors to success is the amount of bone you have in your jaw. Having adequate jaw bone volume is important to hold the implant post in place securely. However, bone loss is common for those who have had missing teeth for some time, are affected by gum disease, or have suffered some oral trauma. If you are affected by bone loss in your jaw, Dr. Alfred Lopez offers bone grafting solutions that can restore lost bone and help you qualify for implants and replace your missing teeth.

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What is a dental bone graft?

Why Bone Grafting is Necessary

While lost bone volume does make it more difficult for you to receive dental implants, it can also negatively affect your appearance and overall bite. As the jaw bone thins, your face will begin to look more sunken-in. This will make you appear older than you are! Additionally, when bone begins to deteriorate in areas of tooth loss, the surrounding teeth may shift into this gap and cause a misalignment of your bite. The benefits of receiving bone grafting care in our Albuquerque, NM office include:

Our Grafting Treatments and Techniques

Bone grafting is a key part of dental implant and periodontal care. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Lopez has an in-depth understanding of the jaw bone and how it relates to the mouth as a whole. We offer full-service periodontal and dental implant care, including advanced bone grafting treatments and advanced techniques to improve healing. These treatments and techniques include:

After having a tooth extracted, the empty socket it once occupied is filled with bone graft material in order to restore volume and protect the jaw shape. This also allows for dental implants to be placed in the near future.

Bone loss thins the affected area of the jaw, compromising the oral structure. Ridge augmentation bone grafting restores this thinned area to an acceptable volume for implant placement and balances the jawline.

A sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting process that accesses the sinus cavity when upper molar teeth are missing. The sinus membrane is gently lifted and bone grafting material is placed underneath to create sufficient bone volume to support dental implants in this area of the mouth.

PRGF is a regenerative material composed of patients’ own blood and plasma. By taking a small sample of blood, we can create a PRGF material that improves the healing time and results of the bone grafting.

GTR is a technique we use to protect a bone graft while it heals in your mouth. The gum tissue will naturally want to fill in the empty space where the graft was placed, but GTR acts as a shield to protect the graft and keep the gum tissue from interfering with the healing process.

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